The Romanovs and the Russian Revolution

The Romanovs / Wikimedia Commons The period between the Russian Revolution of February 1917, which resulted in the overthrow of the autocracy and the establishment of a provisional government, and the Bolshevik Revolution in October of that same year, offers an instructive example of revolutionary processes at work. During this interval, the fate of Nicholas[…]

The Dawn of Freedom: Events Leading to the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War

Photo of Frederick Douglass, by George Kendall Warren, c. 1879 / National Archives By Dr. Jonathan Holloway / 01.11.2010 Edmund S. Morgan Professor of African American Studies, History, and American Studies Yale University Frederick Douglass’ Speech, Delivered to Abolitionist Friends in 1852 From Frederick Douglass’s speech, delivered in Rochester, New York to abolitionist friends on[…]

Store Buildings of Ancient Ostia

Horrea Epagathiana, Ostia Antica / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Jan Theo Bakker / 05.28.2005 Professor of Archaeology Leiden University Introduction Impression of the unloading of a ship. / Misurare la Terra, Modena 1986, p. 167. Fairly detailed descriptions and interpretations of the Ostian store buildings (horrea) were produced by Rickman (1971). Some can be identified[…]

Goddesses in Celtic Religion: Territorial and War Goddesses

The Morrigan is the goddess of war, battle, strife, and fertility in Celtic mythology. Most notably in Ireland, but also in other parts of Europe. / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Noémie Beck / 12.04.2009 Professor of Irish Studies Concordia University Introduction Nature definitely had a sacred dimension for the Celts, who revered it in the[…]

The History of Pastels in Art

Portrait of Gabriel Bernard de Rieux (detail), 1739–41, Maurice-Quentin de La Tour. Pastel and gouache on paper mounted on canvas. 79 × 59 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 94.PC.39. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program By Dr. Emily Beeny / 02.06.2017 Associate Curator of Drawings J. Paul Getty Museum Both/And From[…]

Governing by Tantrum

By Eugene Robinson / 02.12.2017 Washington Post Writers’ Group No one should have been surprised when President Trump raged that the “so-called judge” who blocked his travel ban should be blamed “if something happens.” It is clear by now that the leader of the free world has the emotional maturity of a 2-year-old who kicks,[…]