Republicans Have Suddenly Lost Their Appetite for Investigation

Cagle Cartoons By Dick Polman / 02.17.2017 Writer in Residence, Political Columnist University of Pennsylvania To best understand the Republican mentality on Capitol Hill – specifically, their disgraceful refusal to probe the Trump-Russia national security scandal with even a scintilla of the energy they devoted to Benghazi – you need only read what Senator Rand[…]

The Power of Friendship

04.18.2015 For Satish Kumar, friendship is the organizing principle of life For the past ten years I have been going to Mallorca as a guest of my friend Guillem Ferrer. One day he asked me to talk about an ideal that guides all my activities. I said that the most important thing in my life[…]

Did Sir Walter Scott Invent Scotland?

Portrait of Sir Walter Scott, novelist and poet Walter Scott’s phenomenally popular novels and poems created an image of Scotland as a land of sublime scenery and heroic chivalry. Why is it Scott’s version rather than any of the many other nineteenth-century literary representations of Scotland that has endured in the popular imagination?  Scott’s romanticised[…]

The Civil War and Reconstruction in America

Collecting the Dead. Cold Harbor, Virginia. April, 1865. Via Library of Congress.   By Dr. Thomas Balcerski and Christopher Abernathy / 08.01.2016 Balcerski: Assistant Professor of History, Eastern Connecticut State University Abernathy: PhD Candidate in American History, The University of Oklahoma The American Yawp The Civil War Introduction The American Civil War, the bloodiest in the[…]

A Brief History of Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization

Mesopotamia: The “Land Between the Rivers” Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 02.17.2017 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Timeline of the Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization Mesopotamia is one of the cradles of human civilization. Here, the earliest cities in world history appeared, about 3500 BC. c. 5000-3500 BC: The first city-states gradually develop in southern Mesopotamia. This is the[…]

19th-Century ‘New Thought’, Its Evolution to Prosperity Gospel, and Its Consequence in Donald Trump

The New Thought movement left behind an important legacy. Wesley Nitsckie By Dr. Christopher H. Evans / 02.15.2017 Professor of the History of Christianity Boston University President Donald Trump embraces several political stances important to his conservative evangelical base. This includes support for “religious liberty” legislation and exempting evangelicals from laws upholding lesbian, gay, transgender[…]

Ancient Greece: Minoans and Mycenaeans to the Hellenistic Age

Reconstructed illustration of the Palace of Knossos, Crete / Wikimedia Commons By Lisa M. Lane / 10.09.2016 Professor of History MiraCosta College Greek Geography Ancient Greece in the Aegean / SlideShare, Creative Commons Whether you believe in geographic determinism or not, there is no doubt that ancient Greek people and culture were influenced by geography.[…]