The Life and Legacy of Muhammad Ali

A young Muhammad Ali / Creative Commons Edited by Dr. Andrew R.M. Smith / Jan.-Feb. 2017 Assistant Professor of Cultural Histroy Nichols College Before Mayweather vs. McGregor, There Was Ali vs. Inoki By Roberto José Andrade Franco PhD Candidate in History Southern Methodist University Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor has moved away from the absurd[…]

The Survival of Shamanism in Post-Soviet Siberia

Buryat shaman Tash Ool Buuevich Kunga consecrating an ovoo. / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Olle Sundström / 01.16.2014 Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies and Theology Umeå University, Sweden Abstract In his exhaustive study of ‘shamanism’ among the Altaic peoples in Southern Siberia, the renowned Soviet ethnographer Leonid P. Potapov contends that ‘under the present conditions[…]

The Collapse of the Middle Ages

Edinburgh Castle / Photo by Craig Cormack, Wikimedia Commons By Dr. William A. Pelz Professor of History Elgin Community College From A People’s History of Modern Europe, 2016 Wikimedia Commons For about a thousand years after the collapse of the Roman Empire[1] (the artificial date usually given is ad 476), Western Europe became decentralized and[…]

A Medieval Pharmaceutical Bestseller: The ‘Circa instans’

Circa instans MS. 626, folios 207v–208r. / Wellcome Library By Dr. Iolanda Ventura / 02.10.2017 Senior Lecturer in History of Science, University of Orléans Associate Researcher, Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes Pharmacy was one of the pillars of medical therapy during antiquity and the Middle Ages. Medicaments were derived from the natural world[…]

Migration and Political Redefinition of the Celtic Galatians in the Eastern Mediterranean

Celtic ruins in Anatolia (modern Turkey) / Wikimedia Commons   By Qizhen Xie (left) / Spring 2016 Supervised by Dr. Michael Leese (right), Associate Professor of History Senior Honors Thesis University of New Hampshire Introduction Celtic expansion, 6th-3rd Centuries B.C. / Wikimedia Commons Map showing the relative position of the Volcae and Tectosages, homeland of[…]

Goddesses in Celtic Religion: Goddesses of Intoxication

An Irish pound banknote featuring and illustration of Queen Medb / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Noémie Beck / 12.04.2009 Professor of Irish Studies Concordia University Introduction As we have seen through the previous chapters, Celtic goddesses are generally difficult to define inasmuch as information about them comes down to a few inscriptions and to the[…]