Bridging Prehistory and History in the Archaeology of Cities

The ruins of Ur, with the Ziggurat of Ur visible in the background, Southern Iraq / Photo by M. Lubinski, Wikimedia Commons    By Dr. David M. Carballo (left) and Dr. Brent Fortenberry (right) Carballo: Associate Professor of Archaeology, Boston University Fortenberry: Adjunct Professor of Archaeology, Clemson University Journal of Field Archaeology (2015) Abstract Archaeology[…]

What Does the Environment Have to Do with Diseases that Affect the Immune System?

Photo © The rise in recent decades of diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis suggests that factors in the environment are contributing. By Lindsey Konkel / 01.04.2017 In 1932, New York gastroenterologist Burrill Crohn described an unusual disease in 14 adults. The patients had bouts of abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, and[…]

The Rise of the Third Estate: The French People Revolt

Liberty Leading the People, by Eugène Delacroix, 1830 / Louvre Museum By Dr. William A. Pelz / 05.20.2016 Professor of History Elgin Community College From A People’s History of Modern Europe Legend has it that Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai was once asked his opinion of the French Revolution. He is reported to have responded, “It[…]

Minoan Domestic and Funerary Architecture of the Neopalatial and Post-Palatial Periods

The “Little Palace” at Knossos, Crete / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Jeremy B. Rutter Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies Sherman Fairchild Professor Emeritus in the Humanities Dartmouth College Settlement Architecture Neopalatial Minoan villa at Knossos / Wikimedia Commons The following site categories have been identified by Cadogan during the Neopalatial period in Crete: I. Small[…]

The Political, Economic, and Military Dimensions of the Cold War

Test of the tactical nuclear weapon “Small Boy” at the Nevada Test Site, July 14, 1962. National Nuclear Security Administration By Dr. Ari Cushner / 08.01.2016 Adjunct Lecturer in Modern History University of California at Santa Cruz The American Yawp Introduction Relations between the United States and the Soviet Union–erstwhile allies–soured soon after the Second World War. On February 22, 1946,[…]

When Enough is More

By Mark Manson / 03.01.2017 What are You Willing to Trade for Success? Success is often the first step toward disaster. The idea of progress is often the enemy of actual progress. I recently met a guy who, despite having a massively successful business, an amazing lifestyle, a happy relationship, and a great network of[…]