How to Use a Moka Pot

This video features a quick how-to guide with instructions on how to easily make Moka Pot coffee at home. Moka pot coffee is known for its dark, complex flavor, which works great as a substitute for espresso when making lattes and other coffee drinks at home. With as common as moka pots are in Europe,[…]

Measuring Ripples in the Cosmic Web

Astronomers have made the first measurements of small-scale fluctuations in the cosmic web 2 billion years after the Big Bang. These measurements were conducted using a novel technique which relies on the light of quasars crossing the cosmic web along adjacent lines of sight. 04.29.2017 The most barren regions of the Universe are the far-flung[…]

Psychoanalysis and American Sociology

By Dr. Lauren Langman / 06.18.2016 Professor of Sociology Loyola University Chicago Marx and Freud have two things in common, first of all they both revealed what was behind appearances yet was kept from awareness. For Marx capitalism was an economic system that depends on the exploitation of labor and immiseration of the proletariat which[…]

Analysing the Rural Landscape around Pompeii before the Eruption of Somma-Vesuvius in AD 79

Pompeii; via di Mercurio with Mount Vesuvius. Photo: Carlo Mirante (Source: Flickr Creative Commons) By Dr. Sebastian Vogel Professor of Geoecology and Archaeology University of Potsdam eTopoi: Journal for Ancient Studies 3 (2012), 377-382 Introduction The Somma-Vesuvius volcano has affected the landscape of Campania (Italy) for tens of thousands of years and the fate of[…]

Hellenistic Astronomy

  Aristarchus’s 3rd-century BCE calculations on the relative sizes of (from left) the Sun, Earth and Moon, from a 10th-century CE Greek copy / Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit By Dr. Alan C. Bowen Historian Institute for Advanced Study Introduction In the interval from Aratus and Aristarchus of Samos (third century BCE) to Claudius Ptolemy[…]