When do Moviegoers Become Pilgrims?

Pilgrims at Lourdes. Nick Thompson By Dr. S. Brent Rodriguez-Plate / 07.31.2017 Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies Hamilton College Among the millions of travelers heading out for the summer holidays, some are choosing an unlikely destination: a rusted bus on the edge of the Alaskan wilderness. Fairbanks Bus 142 (aka the “magic bus”) is where the 24-year[…]

Evolutionary Geneticists Spot Natural Selection Happening Now in People

As genes are favored or phased out, human evolution continues. ktsdesign/Shutterstock.com      By Dr. Molly Przeworski, Dr. Joe Pickrell, and Hakhamanesh Mostafavi / 09.11.2017 Przeworski: Professor of Boiological Sciences Pickrell: Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Mostafavi: PhD Student in Biological Sciences Columbia University Human evolution can seem like a phenomenon of the distant past which applies only to[…]

What Makes People Cooperate with Strangers?

Credit: Alborzshawn, Flickr Creative Commons A new study finds that having a reputation for cooperation may be key to getting other people to cooperate with you. By Jill Suttie, Psy.D. / 10.05.2017 Human beings are among the most cooperative species on the planet. Yet it’s not always safe to cooperate with a stranger. What if[…]

Contemporary Philosophy: Logic, Mathematics, and Phenomenology

Franz Brentano By Dr. Garth Kemerling / 11.12.2011 Professor of Philosophy Capella University Philosophy Pages Logic and Mathematics By the turn of the twentieth century, philosophers had begun to devote careful attention to the foundations of logical and mathematical systems. For two millenia Aristotelian logic—with only minor scholastic modifications—had seemed a complete and final explanation of human reasoning. But the[…]