Martin Luther’s Spiritual Practice was Key to the Success of the Reformation

Luther’s 95 Theses. Ferdinand Pauwels, via Wikimedia Commons    By Dr. Marion Goldman (left) and Dr. Steve Pfaff (right) / 10.24.2017 Goldman: Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, University of Oregon Pfaff:  Professor of Sociology, University of Washington On Oct. 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of Germany’s Wittenberg Castle Church and inadvertently ushered[…]

Cosmic Alchemy: Colliding Neutron Stars Show Us How the Universe Creates Gold

Illustration of hot, dense, expanding cloud of debris stripped from the neutron stars just before they collided. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab, CC BY    By Dr. Duncan Brown (left) and Dr. Edo Berger (left) / 10.24.2017 Brown: Professor of Physics, Syracuse University Berger: Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University For thousands of years, humans have searched[…]

The Science of Life as Art and Dissent

By Christopher Martiniano / 06.16.2017 PhD Candidate in English and Art History University of Indiana, Bloomington “For some time now,” Friedrich Nietzsche opened Will To Power, “our whole European culture has been moving with a tortured tension that is growing.”  Nietzsche worried that it had been moving “toward a catastrophe: relentlessly, violently, headlong, like a river[…]

Frances Glessner Lee: Life and Death in Dioramas

Frances Glessner Lee working on one of her 19 Nutshells By Hillary Moses Mohaupt / 09.14.2017 When Frances Glessner Lee died in 1962, the New York Times obituary called her “a great-grandmother who became an authority on crime” and “a wealthy widow with a consuming interest in real-life mysteries.” The obituary goes on to note that Glessner Lee[…]

Emma Allison, a ‘Lady Engineer’

Baxter Engine, Souvenir of the Centennial Exhibition (1877), by George D. Curtis. (Google Books | Public Domain) By Robert Davis / 07.20.2017 Professor of History Wallace State College In 1876, the Centennial Exhibition, the first United States world’s fair, opened in Philadelphia to celebrate the nation’s 100 year anniversary. With its mission mandated by Congress to showcase “the nation’s progress in[…]