How the People of Wales became Welsh

The Norman-built keep at Cardiff Castle. Matthew Dixon/Shutterstock At one point, the Welsh, Cornish, Scottish, Bretons and northern English were all “Kymry” – so what changed? By Rebecca Thomas / 10.06.2017 PhD Candidate in Anglo-Saxon and Nordic History University of Cambridge Britain in the early Middle Ages was very different to the country it is now. Rather than[…]

Kindred Skies: Ancient Greeks and Aboriginal Australians Saw Constellations in Common

Yurri and Wanjel – the Gemini stars Castor and Pollux in the Wergaia traditions of western Victoria, Australia. Stellarium/John Morieson and Alex Cherney, CC BY-SA Many of the constellations we know in the night sky come from myths of the ancientGreeks. But similar stories are told by the oldest living cultures on Earth, including those of Australia. By Dr. Duane M. Hamacher /[…]

Medea Is as Relevant Today as It Was in Ancient Greece

Helen McCrory as Medea. Richard Hubert Smith/National Theatre By Dr. Laura Swift / 07.23.2014 Lecturer in Classical Studies The Open University Often when ancient plays are updated to a modern setting it can feel unsatisfactory. Frequently there are elements that grate or become implausible, and you’re left feeling that the director is trying too hard to make the[…]