The Development of Zionism from the First World War to the Establishment of the State of Israel

David Ben Gurion with members of Jewish Zionist Youth Movement in Tallin in Estonia. / Wikimedia Commons Tracing the history of European-shaped Zionism during and after the First World War until the founding of Israel in 1948. By Dr. Martin Kloke / 09.07.2011 Editor-in-Charge of Ethics, Philosophy, and Religion Cornelsen Schulverlagen Introduction This article traces the[…]

Zionism in Europe up to the First World War

Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first president / Jerusalem Post The longing for Zion, the hope that the dispersed Jews would be brought back to Eretz Israel, the land of Israel, had always been present in Judaism. By Dr. Kerstin Armborst-Weihs / 08.15.2011 Historian and Research Assistant Institute for European History Mainz Introduction The longing for Zion, the hope[…]

Rome, 753 BCE: How Do We Determine When a City was “Founded”?

What happens to Romulus and Remus? Wolfgang Zwanzger/Shutterstock Questions of how, and when, a city “founded”. By Dr. Laura Swift / 08.17.2014 Lecturer in Classical Studies The Open University It has been reported that new archaeological finds have pushed back the age of Rome. A team of archaeologists discovered the remains of a wall built to channel water, which dates[…]

The Ancient Greek Achaean League: Aligned for the Common Defense

The Achaean League was a Hellenistic period confederation of Greek city states on the northern and central Peloponnese between 280 BCE and 146 BCE. / Image by Raymond Palmer, Wikimedia Commons A combined political representation and land army. By Mark Cartwright / 03.07.2016 The Achaean League (or Achaian Confederacy) was a federation of Greek city-states in the north and central parts of the Peloponnese in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BCE.[…]