The French Revolution of 1830 as a European Media Event

Scenes of July 1830, a painting by Léon Cogniet alluding to the July revolution of 1830 / Wikimedia Commons Similar to the earlier revolution in 1789 and the subsequent one in 1848, the revolutionary upheaval in Paris in July 1830 served as a signal for further revolutionary movements in other countries. By Dr. Julia A. Schmidt-Funke / 08.16.2017[…]

The Thirty Years’ War as a European Media Event

Contemporary woodcut depicting the Old Town Square execution of Protestant aristocrats in Prague, 1621 / Wikimedia Commons The Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) became a media phenomenon, manifesting itself in different ways depending on the functions of the age’s various media types. By Dr. Esther-Beate Körber / 11.28.2017 Professor of History Freie Universität Berlin Abstract The Thirty Years’ War[…]

U.S. Naval Development, 1775-1815

Painting depicting the first victory at sea by USS Constitution over HMS Guerriere, by Anton Otto Fischer / Department of the Navy, Wikimedia Commons The early development of the U.S. Navy must be considered within the context of the interaction between domestic politics and public diplomacy.  By Lt. Col. Ronald J. Martin The Revolution As today’s foremost[…]

A Brief History of Telling Time

Ben Birchall/PA Wire From sundials to atomic clocks, a journey through the way humans have measured time. By Dr. Kenneth Grattan / 05.15.2016 George Daniels Professor of Scientific Instrumentation University of London We live in a world where time is all important. Nanoseconds mark the difference between success or failure to make an electronic transaction and where we are[…]

When Did Humans First Learn to Count?

Where did our written numbers come from? Nikita Rogul/ Linguistic clues show how people around the world first developed mathematical thought. By Dr. Peter Schumer / 06.05.2018 Baldwin Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy Middlebury College The history of math is murky, predating any written records. When did humans first grasp the basic concept of a number? What[…]