A History of Mental Illness

An illustrated scene at Bedlam from Hogarth’s series of paintings ‘A Rake’s Progress’ / Wikimedia Commons A history of mental illness from the Stone Age to the 20th century. By Dr. Ingrid Farreras Professor of Psychology Chair, Department of Psychology Hood College References to mental illness can be found throughout history. The evolution of mental illness,[…]

A History of Psychology

Wilhelm Wundt founds the first formal laboratory of psychology at the University of Leipzig, Germany. / Wikimedia Commons The historical development of the science and practice of psychology in America.    By Dr. David B. Baker and Heather Sperry Baker: Professor of Psychology, Margaret Clark Morgan Executive Director of the Center for the History of Psychology Sperry: Graduate[…]

Local Historians in the 18th Century

Public Domain Writing local histories was a favourite hobby of many in the 18th century who had spare time, money, and a desire to find out more about their towns and country. Rosemary Sweet examines some of the motivations of local historians and the usefulness of their work for historians today. By Dr. Rosemary Sweet[…]

Knowledge of Greek in the Medieval Latin West

Image from an illuminated manuscript, the Madrid Skylitzes, showing Greek fire in use against the fleet of the rebel Thomas the Slav.  The caption above the left ship reads, στόλος Ρωμαίων πυρπολῶν τὸν τῶν ἐναντίων στόλον, i.e. “the fleet of the Romans setting ablaze the fleet of the enemies”. / Wikimedia Commons After late antiquity, knowledge of Greek declined[…]