Natural Selection in Action: Hurricanes Irma and Maria Affected Island Lizards

Holding on in hurricane-force winds. Colin Donihue, Creative Commons In the wake of two hurricanes in the Turks and Caicos Islands, researchers document for the first time that catastrophic storms can be agents of natural selection, influencing how species evolve. By Dr. Colin Donihue / 07.25.2018 Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Harvard University The Turks and Caicos anole is a small brown[…]

The Mongols: Resurrection of the Silk Road, Precursors to Modern Trade

Map of the Mongol Empire [The extension of the Mongol Empire from 1206 CE to 1294 CE]. / Image from HistoryOnTheNet The Mongols were solely responsible in the revival of the Silk Road trade, which collapsed with the fall of the Tang Dynasty. By Devadevan Thillaikumar / 05.01.2018 The Mongol Empire and Trade The Mongol empire[…]

Rejecting Church and State in Medieval Anatolia

The Great Mosque of Divriği, photograph by Avniyazici The Paulicians were seeking an area out of the reach of contemporary states.  By Hugh Jeffery / 01.16.2017 PhD Student in Classical Archaeology Lincoln College University of Oxford The Çaltısuyu, a tributary of the Euphrates, flows through the dramatic canyons of eastern Anatolia. At around 1,225 meters[…]

The Sacred and the Sensual: Experiencing the Medieval Eroticain Temples of Khajuraho, India

Various statues carved on the temple walls depicting the Indian Gods in various moods. / Photo by Ankit Saha, Wikimedia Commons While most temples in India are considered to be sacred sites for pilgrimage and worship, a group of twenty-two temples at Khajuraho are known for the thousands of erotic carvings that saturate its exterior[…]