Virginia Woolf’s Haunted Walk

By Liz Matthews / 06.20.2018 Art Historian, Artist Wednesday 23 June 1937 I went shopping, whitebait hunting to Selfridges yesterday, & it grew roasting hot, & I was in black … As I reached 52 [Tavistock Square], a long trail of fugitives—like a caravan in a desert—came through the square: Spaniards flying from Bilbao, which[…]

The Poetry of Victorian Science

Watercolour portrait by William Buckler of Robert Hunt, 1842 — Wellcome Library, Creative Commons In 1848, the mineralogist, pioneer of photography, and amateur poet Robert Hunt published The Poetry of Science, a hugely ambitious work that aimed to offer a survey of scientific knowledge while also communicating the metaphysical, moral, and aesthetic aspects of science to the[…]

The Medieval Feudal System and the Royal Prerogative

Bayeux Tapestry – Scene 23: Harold swearing oath on holy relics to William, Duke of Normandy. / Myrabella, Wikimedia Commons There were laws safeguarding and enforcement of the king’s rights as feudal lord. Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 07.26.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Inquisition Post Mortems (IPMs) were part of the safeguarding and enforcement of the king’s rights as feudal[…]

Medieval Agricultural Tools

Certain technological developments singlehandedly pushed the growth of population across the whole of the continent. By Dimitris Romeo Havlidis / 03.14.2015 The Importance of Agriculture Even since the dawn of the first human settlements in 5000 BC, agriculture has played a vital role in the development of every civilisation; over 6000 years later, this remains the case[…]

Propaganda in the Russian Revolution

Wikimedia Commons Looking at the various forms of propaganda in circulation during the Russian Revolution. By Dr. Katya Rogatchevskaia Lead Curator, East European Collections British Library Is there such a thing as ‘good’ propaganda? Over the 20th century, the word ‘propaganda’ acquired predominantly negative connotations and to many, it is associated with totalitarian regimes. Back in 1928,[…]

Reporting the Russian Revolution

Public Domain Exploring how events of the Russian Revolution and civil wars were reported within Russia and abroad, and how the press was used to inform, persuade, or even repress, the masses. By Katie McElvanney AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Candidate Queen Mary University The two Russian revolutions of 1917, and subsequent civil wars, not only caused great political[…]