A History of Honesty Matters, Gov. Kasich (VIDEO)


By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.21.2016

A history of honesty matters with our leaders, and they should be called out on it and held accountable – no matter when and where.

At a meeting of Ohio EPA workers in 2008, Kasich told of a recent encounter with a police officer who issued him a citation.  He called the officer an “idiot” and said “clients” need to be treated better than being threatened and harassed.

He apparently has told this same story on the campaign trail recently, but he didn’t count on one thing – the sheriff having had enough and releasing video.

Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., released a video to exonerate his officer, Robert Barrett.  The video shows Officer Barrett being nothing but entirely respectful to Kasich.

It’s a case of “I got a ticket and I’m mad, so now I’m going to lie if necessary to get my revenge on that bad nasty cop”.  See the video below: