Bernie ‘Brooklyn’ Sanders Makes Clear Just Who Has ‘Roots’ in New York



Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons Image

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.01.2016

Returning to his native Brooklyn, Senator Sanders told a gathered crowd, “You are the heart and soul of this revolution.”

Indeed, coming from their number, his days growing up in Brooklyn and conditions under which he lived set his course for the future that led him through mayor, U.S. representative, senator, and now a candidate for the highest office in the land.

Hearing his impassioned speech, one has to wonder how Hillary Clinton, hailing from Illinois, can with a straight face claim to also be “one of them” instead of a politician who moved to the state to continue being a politician and claim it as her “home state”.

Sanders campaign strategist Tad Devine said, “He is going to run as a Brooklynite and Hillary is going to run as a senator.  We are going to talk about his own story, his narrative.”

Clinton isn’t a “New Yorker” much less a “Brooklynite”.  Her story, her narrative, simply don’t compare to a native son of the state.

Calling to the support from his fellow native New Yorkers, Sanders assured them, “And if we win here in New York, we are going to make it to the White House.”