‘Bikers for Trump’ Ready to Rumble – Surprised? (VIDEO)


By Joe Clark / 04.02.2016


Donald Trump now has his own personal biker gang. “Bikers for Trump,” led by the notorious Hell’s Angels motorcycle club, is in love with the xenophobic billionaire megalomaniac.

Trump recently embraced his new footsoldiers, referring to them as “my biker friends,” at a Wisconsin rally. But Trump’s new friends are more than super fans in leather chaps, they are pledging to provide “security” for Trump events, and vow to use violence if they feel it’s necessary.

If that means us having to protect ourselves by taking someone else’s life, that’s what we’re going to have to do,” one biker said, in a video shared by ‘Bikers for Trump,’ on beefing up security.

In one video, a biker explains why Trump’s “their man,” stating that Trump cares about the three main issues that are most important in the lives of millions of bikers. Which are:

  1. Fighting ISIS.
  2. Illegal Immigration.
  3. Taking care of veterans.


While the “peace loving” bikers swear that they’d never use violence as a first resort against wild and dangerous Trump protestors, there does seem to be some evidence to the contrary. Chris Cox, the founder of “Bikers for Trump,” denied any involvement with the creation a “KICK SOME ASS,” flyer being circulated in the group’s name. Cox says that his group encourages bikers not to be “hotheaded” when dispensing the gospel of Trump to misguided protestors.

We are not looking for a fight, but at the same time, if someone starts one, we won’t back down,” he told The Daily Beast.

It’s unclear if Bikers for Trump have come up with a cool biker name for their billionaire savior but word on the street is that names like “Gold Eagle One,” “Captian Big Hands,” and “Trumptumous Prime” are just a few of the potential candidates.

Here’s a video report on this story followed by an extended “behind the scenes” look at “Bikers for Trump.”