BREAKING: Sanders on Track to Win Nevada Tonight in Dramatic Flip from First Caucus


By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.02.2016

In what appears to be a dramatic turn of events, Senator Bernie Sanders – who lost the Nevada caucus to Clinton – is actually on track to win the state tonight.

The Daily KOS reports, “Apparantly, Hillary’s enthusiastic delegates didn’t show, so Bernie now leads by a LOT.”

Official reports seem to be that Sanders has actually won Clark County tonight because of this with the county reporting 2390 delegates for Clinton and now 2598 for Sanders.  This county represents seventy percent of the state’s population.

The same trend is happening in the state’s other most populated counties, handing Sanders more delegates than he had going into the actual county conventions tonight.

If this continues and stands, Bernie Sanders will indeed win the state of Nevada after all and have approximately five more pledged state delegates than Clinton.

The news is coming in rapidly on social media, and reports cannot yet be confirmed.