An Antidote for Social Amnesia: The Memory Space of the Cais do Valongo

Valongo Wharf, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 13, 2013 The archeological remains of a wharf in Rio de Janeiro used in the transatlantic slave trade is a site of collective memory. By Camilla Querin / 12.12.2017 Research Assistant Getty Research Institute In 2011 an archeological site of global importance resurfaced in Rio de Janeiro: the Cais[…]

In Brazil, Religious Gang Leaders Say They’re Waging a Holy War

Brazil’s jailhouse preachers may not explicitly condone violence against people of other faiths, but they’ve remained largely silent as their well-armed followers wage a holy war. Reuters/Ricardo Moraes By Dr. Robert Muggah / 11.02.2017 Associate Lecturer Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) The expression “evangelical drug trafficker” may sound incongruous, but in Rio de[…]

This Old Catholic Ritual is Giving Brazil’s Economy a Small Boost, One Virgin Mary Statuette at a Time

The Virgin Mary may not be able to pull Brazil out of a deep recession, but her church-sponsored house calls do wonders to ease economic malaise among participating Catholic families.  Pilar Olivares/Reuters    By Dr. Bernardo Figueiredo and Dr. Daiane Scaraboto / 09.12.2017 Figueiredo: Senior Lecturer in Marketing, RMIT University Scaraboto: Assistant Professor of Marketing, Universidad[…]