A History of Cold War Surveillance and Its Legacies

Lockheed U 2C Surveillance Aircraft / Photo by Greg Goebel, Wikimedia Commons Much of contemporary surveillance, with its reliance on remote sensors, big data, networks, and algorithmic simulations, has its origins in early Cold War technologies that were designed to provide air defense surveillance. By Dr. John MacWillie Associate Professor of Media and Communication University[…]

A History of the Cold War and Its Effect on Militarization in Law Enforcement

North Penn Tactical Response Team of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, practicing Cellular Team Tactics / Photo by Tim McAteer, Wikimedia Commons To find the origins of modern militarized policing, we have to look back to the Cold War. By Dr. Joy Rohde / 10.22.2014 Assistant Professor of Public Policy University of Michigan To find the origins[…]

Historical Analysis of the Cold War

The crisis in Crimea is not just about “losing Ukraine.” It would be an even greater catastrophe to “lose Russia” to a new Cold War. (Photo: Jeroen Elfferich / Flickr, Creative Commons) By Robert Naranjo As the passage of time slowly diminishes important events, it is history that must gather all the facts and emotions[…]