DNC – Nominate Hillary and Risk the Oval Office. Want Proof? Here’s the Pudding.



By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.26.2016

The polls presented here are taken from RealClearPolitics.com.  The polls pit both Sanders and Clinton against all three of the current GOP candidates to see how each performs.

Trump v. Clinton / Trump v. Sanders



Both candidates poll well against Trump, but remember that Clinton has far more baggage to deal with than Sanders, baggage that will be trotted out during the general election – and no one trots out baggage better than Trump.  The man has a knack for it.

Granted, every candidate will likely see polls drop a bit as time moves on.  Which of the two can afford that drop more, would you say?  Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

Cruz v. Clinton / Cruz v. Sanders



Not only does Sanders yet again poll much better than Clinton against Cruz, he beats Cruz in every poll.  Clinton, however, either comes close to a tie or in one case sees and actual tie.

Remember the bit about numbers dropping?  You’re looking at a possible loss with Clinton in a few cases here while Sanders would retain his lead and win.

Kasich v. Clinton / Kasich v. Sanders



And here, dear Democrats, is where you need to be looking very hard.  Clinton loses in all polls to Kasich while Sanders still holds on to a healthy lead.

Keep in mind that Cruz and Kasich have teamed up this week to try and stall Trump’s forward march.  If they go to a contested convention, you can bet that the GOP will be looking at these numbers and heavily eyeballing Kasich.

The GOP convention is a week before the DNC’s, and you better be paying attention.

I understand wanting to be the first major party to nominate a woman as your presidential candidate, just as you did and won with President Obama as the first African-American president.  I would love to have Elizabeth Warren running right now!

But please, don’t be the party who will simply be the first major party to nominate the first woman who loses.  Too much is at risk in this election – far too much.

Whether you place that on the line, risking the Oval Office and watching progress that has been made while taking ten steps back under a Republican White House, is up to you.