Escalating Aggression Marks Trump’s Rally Rhetoric – Rachel Maddow (Video)

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.12.2016

Think of her what you will, but Rachel Maddow scrutinizes the violence at Trump’s rallies and beyond with this pinpoint analysis of his rhetoric.

One particularly troubling portion of Trump’s speech at his St. Louis rally spoke of protesters as he pointed at them:

Part of the problem is…nobody wants to hurt each other anymore, and they’re being politically correct the way they take them out…and honestly, protesters realize that there are no consequences to protesting anymore.  There used to be consequences, there are none anymore.

Our country has to toughen up, folks.  We have to toughen up.  These people are bringing us down.  Remember that, they’re bringing us down.  No reason for it.  These people are so bad for our country, you have no idea, folks.  They contribute nothing – nothing! … Hurting this country, folks, hurting this country…I’ll tell you these are not good people folks, just do you understand, these are not good people.

If those words don’t scare you senseless, then you have a horrid understanding of history.  Think deeply about them and compare them to the words of another bigot who turned into one of the greatest mass murders in history.

This has been Trump’s response to protesters at each of his events as he encourages people to rough them up and promises to pay legal fees for doing so.

Is it any wonder then that protesters are beginning to show up en masse to provide for at least some self-protection?  Is it any wonder they wish to use their free speech as well?  Trump cleverly tries to turn the tables and say they are preventing his freedom of speech.  No, they’re not.  He’s free to show up and talk.  Free speech doesn’t give one the right to be heard.  If he can’t be heard over them, then he needs to figure something out.

The problem is that “something” is to be less divisive and violent in rhetoric.  It’s a problem because it’s not what shot him to becoming the GOP frontrunner and likely nominee.

If that doesn’t scare you as well, then you haven’t learned from history either.



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  • He should consider getting informed on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Protesting, organized assembly to protest, is protected as a civil right.

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