Fox Anchor: ‘We can all relate to’ Descendants of Holocaust Survivors

Video: RawStory

Covering a segment of Dustin Hoffman breaking down when speaking of his great-grandmother, a Holocaust survivor who moved to the United States afterward, Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt said we can all relate.

“People ask me today,” Hoffman said, “what are you?  I say I’m a Jew.  They all survived for me to be here.”

Earhardt immediately followed the video segment of Hoffman with, “We can all relate to that, though.  I mean, you think about what your grandparents did to give you a better life and what your parents did to give you a better life.”

Yes, Ainsley, many of us can relate to certain sacrifices given by those who came before us to make our present and future a better place.  But Hoffman wasn’t talking about a “better life” – he was just talking about “life”.

The Holocaust involved a particularly gruesome “sacrifice”.  People were tossed to burn alive in ovens, sent to gas chambers in throngs, used for the most horrific medical experiments one can imagine, and starved to walking skeletons until finally succumbing to what many likely considered blessed death.

No, Ainsley, we cannot all “relate”.

Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.10.2016