Locked Out of My Facebook Account – For Not Being Me?



By Matthew A. McIntosh / 05.19.2016
Brewminate Editor-in-Chief

I stepped out for a bit this afternoon to grab a few things at the store before the thunderstorm started, and when I returned home found a whole different storm.  I had been locked out of my Facebook account!

Yep, you got it – LOCKED out.  I had to answer a few questions and then upload my photo ID again (my driver’s license) to verify my identity.  I then received an email from them saying they couldn’t confirm my identity – with the SAME ID I used to create my account well back!

I responded once again with the same ID, the only government photo-issued ID I have, and will simply have to wait for a response.  Any way to contact Facebook outside of this archaic system?  Nope!  No way to talk to a human, nothing like that. You’re just stuck.

Brewminate has a page – VERIFIED page – on Facebook, and of course I can do nothing with it right now as I admin that page as well.  So I have a previously verified identity as well as a verified page, and still….

As you know, we don’t shy away from controversial topics at Brewminate.  What I imagine happened is that I made someone angry, and that someone got a bunch of friends to “report” me for some reason.  And here we are.  Someone got childish and responded like a mad kid on the playground.

Until Facebook deems it appropriate to resolve this issue, here we are.  But I’ve got enough of an audience here to have this article shared to Facebook and say – BEWARE, you can and will be blocked without warning if you make someone mad apparently.