Panama Papers Show Donald Trump’s Name Mentioned Over 3,500 Times



By Ryan Denson / 05.14.2016


The Panama Papers recently exposed the worst of the worst in our world -rich, entitled moguls who hide their money in offshore accounts in order to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.

This should have come as no surprise, considering this tactic is a staple of crony capitalism. Right now, a crony capitalist is the nominee for the Republican Party – Donald Trump.

Recently, Trump has been dodging and flat out refusing to release his much anticipated tax returns – even though the chief of the IRS has debunked Trump’s pathetic excuses as to why he’s not releasing them, and news outlets have speculated that the delay is because he really isn’t as rich as he says it is.

There is another theory though, which would perfectly explain his reluctance to show th American public the financial records regarding his “empire” – he has a huge hand in the Panama Papers.

As Telesur reports have shown, Donald Trump has a direct or indirect link to 32 companies exposed for unethical shenanigans in the papers. One of his personal entities, the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama, is listed.  In total, financial big wigs referenced Trump a total of 3,540 times.

It is important to note that because Trump sold his “name” (aka his brand) to thousands of investors all across the world, these honorable mentions don’t necessarily mean he has had any direct involvement in the unethical, shady and seemingly illegal practices associated with the 140 powerful politicians and business elites involved.

But it does seem odd that Trump’s name appears quite frequently and he refuses to release any tax information until after the election (which he assumes he’ll win).

While the mainstream media has appeared silent on the issue due to their inherit bias in favor of the GOP frontrunner, some outlets have had the “audacity” to ask questions. While Trump goes across the country telling all his minions how “huge” his proposals (or lack thereof) are, little do they know he might be involved in one of the biggest fraudulent endeavors in world history.

Trump is hiding something big or lying about how much he’s worth. Either way, he has backed himself into a corner he can’t get out of. And people say Hillary Clinton is the untrustworthy one?