RNC Head Goes All Out on Trump with Tweet


By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.12.2016

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has as good as made himself the next bulls-eye for Donald Trump with a Tweet late this evening referencing Trump’s kicking and screaming about what he says as unfair and rigged primaries.  Priebus tapped out:

Prior to the Tweet, the chairman had been talking nicely about the RNC primary rules being in place for a year.  However, he was trying to take a middle polite ground and not directly call the frontrunner out on his whining.

That came to an end in one fell Tweet.

This undoubtedly sets Trump up for a possible third-party run should he not secure the Republican nomination.  He has already been hinting at doing so, and Priebus just handed him the quote he will likely use if the time comes that he announces himself as the next Ross Perot.

It’s still refreshing to see the RNC at least stand up to Mr. I’m-Really-REALLY-Rich!

This may get very interesting indeed.