Historical and Cultural Aspects of Man’s Relationship with Addictive Drugs

For certain people, addictive substances are the pillar of society – not only now, in the modern age, but also in times past. Nowadays, addictive substances (mainly drugs, but not limited to them) are used to enhance social experiences. However, in the past, such substances were often used for religious and medicinal purposes. Opium, for[…]

Opium Use in 19th-Century Britain: The Roots of Moralism in Shaping Drug Legislation

Prior to the 1868 Pharmacy Act, which restricted the sale of opium to pharmacists, opium was widely available, typically purchased at the grocer. By Dr. Stephanie NgYale School of Medicine The topic of addiction in psychiatry remains contentious, riddled with moral arguments that skew public sentiment and policy. Since the 1970s, when a “War on[…]

Smoking Habits of The Children Who Have Survived a Divorce – Is There a Way to Prevent It?

This is a proven fact. The scientific research which was carried out by the University of Toronto proved that children whose parents divorced are more vulnerable to become victims of unhealthy habits and smoking in particular. The study shows that they are 48% likely to start smoking because of trauma and the desire to suppress[…]

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder and What Is the Treatment?

Alcohol use disorder is also known as alcoholism. This is a condition where an individual has a physical need or a desire to drink alcohol even when its negative effects on their life are apparent. People with alcohol use disorders were called alcoholics in the past. But, this is now considered a negative and unhelpful[…]

A History of Blaming Games for Moral Decline and Addiction since the Ancient World

Worries about game addiction since ancient times have given way to scientific understanding of the benefits of play, rather than its detriments. Introduction Video games are often blamed for unemployment, violence in society and addiction – including by partisan politicians raising moral concerns. Blaming video games for social or moral decline might feel like something[…]