The Cost of Being Homeless


Veronica Harnesh writes for, “I’ve been homeless 3 times.  The problem isn’t drugs or mental illness – it’s poverty.”

She expands on several major points in her article:

  1.  “Homelessness is expensive”
  2. “People think if you’re low-income or homeless, it’s because you’re lazy or uneducated.”
  3. “Lack of affordable housing is the leading cause of homelessness.”
  4. “Lack of a living wage means you won’t be able to afford housing.”
  5. “Even if you do have a job and savings, landlords can make it impossible for you to get a lease.”
  6. “Politicians won’t help.”
  7. “Living with a roommate is the fastest but most problematic way out of homelessness.”
  8. “People who are uncomfortable with homelessness in their communities want you to be invisible – and the penalties are stiff if you aren’t.”


Take the time to read this article from someone who has been there and continues to help those still there.  It’s eye-opening.

Taking the “their lazy bums/mentally ill/drug addicts” route doesn’t solve the problem.  Understanding the problem is necessary first, even if it makes you uncomfortable.