The Long History of Teachers Complaining about Students begins this article with, “It is not too difficult to come across teachers writing about how bad their students are. They might blog about it, share details of dumb things said by students, or write about the causes of the supposed decline in students’ performances. However, these teachers can take comfort in the fact that even in the Middle Ages there apparently was a lot to complain about when it came to student performance.”


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Oh the truth in those words.  Spreading back as far as at least Socrates, teachers have long expressed the ills of their craft and the woes of dealing with students for many different reasons.  Surprisingly enough, the problems experienced in ancient and medieval times were often not very different from the problems experienced today.

So teachers, when you think the profession has changed too much, think of this.  Students, when you think you have figured out some dandy new way to pull of some sneaky tactics – trust us, you haven’t.

Always reminded – we’re never far from where we were.