Video Contrasts Trump and President Obama Dealing with Protesters (VIDEO)

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.17.2016

Buzzfeed released a video contrasting how Donald Trump and President Obama deal with protesters – those people who represent over 200 years of American tradition, a tradition that started the American Revolution.

Remember what Trump said at his St. Louis rally?  Here’s a reminder:

Part of the problem is…nobody wants to hurt each other anymore, and they’re being politically correct the way they take them out…and honestly, protesters realize that there are no consequences to protesting anymore.  There used to be consequences, there are none anymore.

Our country has to toughen up, folks.  We have to toughen up.  These people are bringing us down.  Remember that, they’re bringing us down.  No reason for it.  These people are so bad for our country, you have no idea, folks.  They contribute nothing – nothing! … Hurting this country, folks, hurting this country…I’ll tell you these are not good people folks, just do you understand, these are not good people.

That’s what a candidate for the presidency thinks of this most cherished of American traditions and how it should be dealt with.

But the person who actually is president has often demonstrated for Trump what it means to be “presidential” and how important those protesters are to our society.

He would do well to pay attention and maybe try to imitate the behavior.