Unearthed Mummy Recalls an Iran before the Ayatollahs

An Islamic revolution ran the shah out of Iran in 1979. Now, his father’s mummified body has resurfaced. AP Photo A mummy unearthed during construction in Iran may be the body of a former shah. For theIslamic regime, the discovery is an unwelcome reminder of Iran’s secular past. For protesters, it holds promise. By Dr. David J. Wasserstein / 05.04.2018 Professor of History and Jewish Studies Vanderbilt[…]

Sources for History and Epic in Ancient Iran

“Feridun Strikes Zahak With The Ox-Headed Mace,” watercolor on paper, Tabriz, Iran, circa 1525, from Firdawsi’s “Shahnameh” / Smithsonian Institution By Dr. M. Rahim Shayegan Professor, Amuzegar Chair in Iranian Director, Program of Iranian Studies University of California, Los Angeles Old Persian Epigraphy: The Bisotun Inscription Behistun (Bisotun) Inscription, describing conquests of Darius the Great[…]