Why Can’t Cats Resist Thinking Inside the Box?

Next best thing to a hidey-hole box? / Maggie Villiger, Creative Commons By Dr. Nicholas Dodman / 04.17.2017 Professor Emeritus of Behavioral Pharmacology and Animal Behavior Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Tufts University Twitter’s been on fire with people amazed by cats that seem compelled to park themselves in squares of tape marked out on[…]

Pets in Ancient Egypt

Cult copper statue of a crocodile. From Faiyum, modern-day Egypt. Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, circa 1800 BCE. (State Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich, Germany). By Dr. Joshua J. Mark / 03.18.2016 Professor of Philosophy Marist College The ancient Egyptians kept animals as pets ranging from domesticated dogs and cats to baboons, monkeys, fish, gazelles, birds[…]

How to Make Your Cat Healthy and Happy

By Scott Acton Pets are our companions for life, once you choose and adopt your pet, whether it is a cat, a puppy or something a little more exotic such as dragons and iguanas, you will get a lifetime full of happiness and friendship. We all know that cats are cuddly, cute creatures who are[…]

Are We Overcranking the Cat?

By Pamela Merritt / 05.20.2016 We might not realize how fragile our cat’s nervous system really is. Yes, they are magnificent predators with talon-like claws, lots of sharp and pointy teeth, with incredible reflexes. It’s those incredible reflexes. Cats are energy storage devices. If that energy builds up too far, there will be trouble. How[…]

Could the Mystery of the Meow Actually be Solved by a New Talking Cat Collar?

How good are people at interpreting a cat’s meow? ‘Cats’ via www.shutterstock.com By Mikel Delgado PhD Candidate in Psychology University of California, Berkeley Imagine you’re a cat, and, every time you meowed, the loud voice of a snooty-sounding British gentleman kindly informed your human guardian of your every thought and feeling (well, the thoughts and[…]