Remote Irish Island Seeks Americans Fleeing Donald Trump Presidency

“Winter can be hard but they’d find it very peaceful here,” says Inishturk local. / Photo by: Cruising.Coastalboating.Net From Nick Bramhill at IrishCentral / 03.21.2016: American citizens, who are terrified at the prospect of Donald Trump becoming the next President, have been urged to consider relocating to one of Ireland’s remotest islands. Inishturk, off Co.[…]

3D Animations Put Nero’s Domus Aurea – ‘Golden House’ – on Display (VIDEO)

Copyright: Altair4 Multimedia Beyond the ambit of military triumphs, the Romans were known for both their architectural and engineering prowess. And sometimes such scopes of expertise even reached obsessive and (we daresay) ‘decadent’ levels. The Domus Aurea (or Golden House) aptly harks back to this progress of Roman building skills in terms of excessive magnificence.[…]

‘A Tipping Point’: Record Number of Americans See Global Warming as Threat

A man at at a New York rally calling for action on climate change, a day before the start of the historic COP21 conference in Paris. Photograph: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images From Oliver Milman at That Guardian: A record number of Americans believe global warming will pose a threat to their way of life, new polling[…]