Anonymous Takes Aim at Ted Cruz Claiming Damning Information (VIDEO)


By Charles Topher / 03.21.2016

Ted Cruz is all about the transformative love of Jesus Christ. Through his own transformation, Cruz has learned the power of the Lord — and he plans to govern with it. The “family values” reborn Christian gets to write off anything and everything in his life before he was covered in the water of the Holy Spirit, meaning hew found the perfect political tool to excuse his indiscretions prior to his cozy relationship with the Nazarene.

In other words, Ted Cruz is a fraud. It doesn’t matter that he was caught on camera in college talking about making a “teen tit film” or that he had aspirations for world domination, because Jesus. In fact, just don’t ask about his early life at all. He will walk into the White House, shut the door to the Oval Office and with a sh*t-eating grin he’ll ask God how to govern our country.

That all sounds great if you’re some evangelical who believes that only someone worthy of the rapture should lead our country or just the common bible-thumper looking to get a little more religion with your government, but for the rest of us, it spells disaster. In many ways, a Ted Cruz presidency would be even worse than Donald Trump. trump may be a lunatic but he won’t bother governing; he’ll outsource it to the Chinese. Cruz will roll up his sleeves and destroy every decent thing progressives have accomplished in the last 200 years in favor of prayer and tax cuts for the wealthy.

It’s for those reasons that the news from Anonymous that they have some serious evidence against Cruz’s so-called good character is so encouraging:

Does Anonymous have the evidence they claim to have uncovered? If so, Ted Cruz can kiss his political career and quite possibly his marriage goodbye. These daunting words will surely have Cruz in a panic if there’s truth to the claims:

​”Have you heard of the expression “candy wrappers”? Do you recall visiting prostitutes? Mr. Cruz, we are now demanding you exit this race immediately or Anonymous will release all of the information that we have found. Your so-called underground acts that you think were done in the dark, will be brought out for all the public to see. It will be sent to every media outlet to publicize your disgusting behavior. We assure you it will go viral on every social media platforms in a matter of minutes.”

According to the video, #opcruz is underway. It should become apparent in the next couple of days if Anonymous is actually onto something or if it’s an elaborate hoax by the actions of Cruz and his campaign. He’ll either ignore it, address it and blame it on the time before he found Jesus or laugh it off. One thing is certain: if it is true, Ted Cruz is shaking in his boots.