Clinton Charity Oversaw Cash Grant to Private Company Owned by Friends

From Geoff Earle at The Daily Mail / 05.13.2016: Bill Clinton’s family charity foundation oversaw an unusual $2 million financial commitment to a private company whose ownership is stocked with close Clinton pals including ‘family friend’ Julie Tauber McMahon, a new bombshell report has revealed. The financial commitment came at the 2010 conference of the[…]

Cross-cultural Research, Evolutionary Psychology, and Racialism: Problems and Prospects By Dr. John P. Jackson Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies Roy R. Charles Center for Academic Excellence College of William and Mary Abstract Philosophers defending evolutionary/cognitive accounts of racialism argue that cross-cultural psychological research has discovered similar patterns of racial reasoning around the globe. Such research, they hold, simultaneously supports the existence of an underlying[…]

Atheists Sue Tennessee Sheriff Over First Amendment Violations

Sheriff Eric Watson’s use of the department’s official social media pages to promote his religion and censor dissenting opinions is at the core of this lawsuit. 05/06/16, Washington, D.C. American Atheists along with a resident of Bradley County, Tennessee filed suit in federal district court in Eastern Tennessee today against Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson[…]

Environmental Arts as First Philosophy: This too a NeoPresocratic Manifesto

By Dr. Thomas Greaves Professor of Philosophy University of East Anglia, UK 2013: 3(1) Abstract I offer a response and counter argument to J. Baird Callicott’s “Provocations” piece in Environmental Humanities, volume 2. I argue that the historical narrative that Callicott derives from Aristotle regarding the development of philosophical thought from natural philosophy to social[…]

Bactria: Recovering the Ancient Civilization of Afghanistan

Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh Brewminate Editor-in-Chief From a lecture by Dr. Frank Holt, Professor of Ancient History, University of Houston (10.24.2013) Eucratides I Coin, Gold Stater, c.171-145 BCE / Wikimedia Commons Discovering Bactria, that portion of ancient Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, as well as portions of India, was not an easy task.  A discovery[…]

The Scoundrel Who Saved the Continental Army

By Donald N. Moran By all accounts Isaac Ketcham was truly a scoundrel. What little history has recorded of his activities confirms that, although completely unintentional, and for the worst possible motives, he saved the Continental Army from certain destruction. His story begins with another rogue, one Henry Dawkins, an English born New Yorker of[…]

An Artist’s Unflinching Look at Racial Violence (VIDEO)

Sanford Biggers creates art that upends traditional narratives about topics ranging from hip hop to Buddhism to American history. Sanford Biggers Conceptual Artist Conceptual artist and TED Fellow Sanford Biggers uses painting, sculpture, video and performance to spark challenging conversations about the history and trauma of black America. Join him as he details two compelling[…]

Oh Woe, Woe are We – Stop Persecuting Us While We Persecute Others!

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant By Stephen D. Foster, Jr. / 05.13.2016 In a strong southern drawl that makes his bigotry all the more enraging, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant attempted to defend his state’s anti-LGBT law by whining about persecution of Christians, which is something that doesn’t exist. When Bryant signed House Bill 1523 into law[…]

Bottled Up

Montreal gears up for battle over proposed bottled water ban CK Staff / 05.13.2016 Fresh off his successful push to ban plastic bags by 2018, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has expressed interest in a potential ban on bottled water. “We spoke about plastic bags and now we’re onto plastic bottles,” Coderre told reporters in March.[…]

Don Quixote’s Choice: A Manifesto for a Romanticist Anthropology

Don Quixote Style Windmills / Wikimedia Commons   By Dr. Maïté Maskens (left) and Dr. Ruy Jesus Llera Blanes (right) Dr. Maskens – Professor of Anthropology, Université Libre de Bruxelles Dr. Blanes – Professor of Anthropology, University of Bergen 2013 3(3) In this article we propose to engage anthropology as a romanticist discipline. Revisiting particular[…]