‘America is Back,’ Trump Declares, Announcing Tax Cuts for Billionaires

“I want to jumpstart America and it can be done,” Trump said, “and it won’t even be that hard.” (Photo: Evan Vucci/AP) “It was self-contradictory word salad,” one critic said after Donald Trump’s economic policy speech in Detroit By Nika Knight / 08.08.2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump introduced his most detailed policy plan yet[…]

Using Sound to Expand your Mind

By Tom Kenyon / 08.07.2016 Have You Experienced the Therapeutic Benefits of Music? The use of sound and music to generate “healing” has a long history stretching back to the virtual beginnings of man. Indigenous shamans and healers using instruments such as the human voice, drums, flutes and percussive instruments have been documented to alter[…]

After Fatality, Autonomous Car Development May Speed Up

As problems occur, rapid design adjustment will advance autonomous cars’ abilities / Shutterstock By Dr. William C. Messner / 08.07.2016 John R. Beaver Professor of Mechanical Engineering Tufts University The world has witnessed enormous advances in autonomous passenger vehicle technologies over the last dozen years. The performance of microprocessors, memory chips and sensors needed for[…]

Not Easy to Find Many Historians Supporting Donald Trump

By Rick Shenkman and Sharon Arana / 08.05.2016 Almost every day, it seems, another historian comes out against the candidacy of Donald Trump.  In the last month alone Ken Burns and David McCullough established a Facebook page, Historians on Trump, that features videos by prominent historians ridiculing Trump’s campaign.  The page features videos by the profession’s heavy hitters:  William Leuchtenburg, Bernard Weisberger,[…]

Goodbye to the Barbershop?

Nationwide, barbershops are on the decline. / Shutterstock By Dr. Kristen Barber / 08.07.2016 Assistant Professor of Sociology Southern Illinois University With their red, white and blue striped poles, dark Naugahyde chairs and straight razor shaves, barbershops hold a special place in American culture. But numbers show that barbershops are dwindling. According to census data,[…]

Why Historians Need Imagination

By Dr. Yoav Tenembaum / 08.07.2016 Lecturer, Diplomacy Studies Program Tel Aviv University There are two types of imagination: Fantasy-directed imagination, and Reality-directed imagination. Fantasy-directed imagination is aimed at depicting a scenario that goes beyond reality. An example of fantasy-directed imagination would be the creation of Mickey Mouse. Reality-directed imagination, on the other hand, is[…]