Movement Needs Imagination, Which is Why I’m Not Buying My Kids Any More Toys

Seamus and Madeline play with their second-hand toys. (WNV/Frida Berrigan) By Frida Berrigan / 02.15.2016 “Mine!” “No. It’s mine!!” They keep this “conversation” going for a while before there is a screech and a wail. “Figure out a way to share it,” I call from the other room. “Madeline,” says four-year-old Seamus, who puts on[…]

All Is Well

By Bob O’Hearn / 08.05.2016 The Conscious Process When we consider the nature of our own apparently fragile existence, as well as that of the world and all of its varied phenomena, many questions tend to arise, so let’s take a brief moment and see if we can recognize what’s actually going on. First of[…]

Gaia Results Revealed – First Data Release from the Most Detailed Map Ever Made of the Sky

The first results from the Gaia satellite, which is completing an unprecedented census of more than one billion stars in the Milky Way, are being released today to astronomers and the public. 09.14.2016 Detailed information about more than a billion stars in the Milky Way has been published in the first data release from the[…]

Vilest Villains of Shakespeare

Are there really heroes and villains in Shakespeare’s plays? Those concepts suggest that someone can be all good, noble and well intentioned on the one hand, or all bad, ill-intentioned and downright evil on the other. What makes Shakespeare’s characters so interesting is that they are human beings, motivated by the things that motivate human[…]

Studies Find Echoes of Black Holes Eating Stars

This illustration shows a glowing stream of material from a star as it is being devoured by a supermassive black hole in a tidal disruption flare. – Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech Supermassive black holes, with their immense gravitational pull, are notoriously good at clearing out their immediate surroundings by eating nearby objects. When a star passes within[…]

Roman Walls

Roman Opus Mixtum Wall By Victor Labate / 08.31.2016 Ancient Roman Historian Romae Vitam The many Roman walls still visible today throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, be they defensive walls such as the Servian Wall or house and monument walls, tell us a great deal about the evolution of Roman construction techniques. Roman walls went[…]

Corporate Offshore Tax Avoidance Targeted

A 3D printed Apple logo is seen in front of a displayed Irish flag in this illustration taken September 2, 2016. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo By Jason Lange / 09.15.2016 Reuters / Washington The Obama administration on Thursday took action to limit the use of foreign tax credits by American multinational companies to reduce their U.S.[…]