An Echo of Your Former Self

By Vaughan Bell The journal Neurology has a brief case study reporting an intriguing form of auditory hallucination – hearing someone speaking in the voice of the last person you spoke to. The phenomenon is called palinacousis and it usually takes the form of hallucinating an echo or repetition of the voice you’re listening to[…]

Terrorism: Trump Supporter Calls for Violence if Clinton Wins (VIDEO)

Dan Bowman / Photo: WSJ By Elizabeth Preston / 10.17.2016 The threat of violence during this presidential election is unprecedented in modern American history. While at a Trump rally in Ohio, Wall Street Journal Reporter Jason Bellini encountered an individual who will likely find himself under investigation by the United States Secret Service. After he agreed[…]

The Never-Boring Life of J. Paul Getty, World’s Richest Man

J. Paul Getty at Jerash (ancient Gerasa) in Jordan, 1954. Institutional Archives, The Getty Research Institute. 5 things to know about Getty—the businessman, collector, and philanthropist who founded the world’s largest arts organization. By Amelia Wong / 10.18.2016 J. Paul Getty is famous for being rich. Less well known are the facts and details about[…]

A Rigged Election – Because, Trump

By Robert A. Levine / 10.18.2016 TMV Columnist Even before he has lost the election, Donald Trump is courting danger. Not for himself, but for America and for democracy. His statements that if he loses the election, it is because it was rigged and stolen by the Democrats and the liberal media have heightened the[…]

New York Restaurant Employs Cooking Grandmas Instead of Professional Chefs

Photo: Enoteca Maria/Facebook 10.12.2016 When it comes to tasty food, nothing beats grandma’s cooking! Well, except maybe more grandmas cooking in the same kitchen, which is exactly what goes on at Staten Island’s Enoteca Maria, a charming restaurant that employs grandmas from various parts of the world, instead of professional chefs. Enoteca Maria owner Jody[…]

What Are The Three Doors of Liberation?

By Thich Nhat Hanh / 10.18.2016 The Truths We’re Distracting Ourselves From Dualistic notions, such as birth and death, being and non-being, sameness and otherness, coming and going, are the foundation of all afflictions. Meditating on the three doors of liberation helps us throw away these notions. The three doors of liberation, which are taught[…]