‘We’re Homeless and We Vote’

James Cartmill, a veteran and resident of the occupation, in his tent on the grass median in the middle of Adeline Street. | David Bacon By David Bacon / 10.28.2016 By the time you read this, Berkeley’s intentional mobile homeless community will probably have been forced to migrate again, in yet one more forcible relocation.[…]

Storms that Changed History

By John Withington / 10.19.2016 On September 5, AD 394, a violent tempest blew dust in the faces of an army led by a barbarian general who had taken over the western half of the Roman Empire. It was so fierce it blinded them, made their javelins fall short of the enemy and even wrenched[…]

Inside the Conservation Work at the Salk Institute, Louis Kahn’s Masterpiece

The iconic central plaza at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Photo © Salk Institute for Biological Studies. All rights reserved The dramatic window walls at Louis Kahn’s icon of modern architecture were beset by problems. Following years of research, the windows—and the entire complex—will now be preserved for the future. By Sara Lardinois /[…]

Trump Supporter Arrested for Voter Fraud

Terri Lynn Rote booking photo By Stephen D. Foster, Jr. / 10.28.2016 Donald Trump has repeatedly accused Democrats of rigging the election against him, but it turns out his own supporters are doing everything they can to rig it in his favor. And that includes voting twice, something Republicans continually claim that Democratic voters always[…]

God and Trump at Regent University

By Peter Montgomery / 10.24.2016 Donald Trump’s traveling road show made it to Pat Robertson’s Regent University in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Saturday. Robertson himself addressed the rally, along with several other Religious Right figures: Ralph Reed, who built Robertson’s Christian Coalition into a political powerhouse in the 1990s; Tony Suarez, executive vice president of Samuel Rodriguez’s[…]

A Beatnik Glossary – I Can Dig It

The glossary entries: Angel = One who pays the bill Axe = Musical instrument Beat = Way of life for a select few Thank God! Beatnik = One who lives like there’s no tomorrow Beatkel =Tourist Blow the Jets = To become angry Bread = money Bugged = bothered Beatsville, Swinsville = a good place[…]