Outsiderism’s Mysterious Ways

By E.J. Dionne, Jr. / 11.03.2016 Washington Post Columnist Will Missouri be the one state next Tuesday that produces an anti-establishment trifecta? And will we ever get to exploring how Donald Trump, who has trafficked with old-style politicians all his life, has gotten away with casting himself as the year’s premier outsider? Missouri was, as[…]

Robert Greene, the First Bohemian

Greene as pictured in the frontispiece to John Dickenson’s Greene in Conceipt (1598) / Wikimedia Commons Known for his debauched lifestyle, his flirtations with criminality, and the sheer volume of his output, the Elizabethan writer Robert Greene was a fascinating figure. Ed Simon explores the literary merits and bohemian traits of the man who penned[…]

Alabama Republican Secretary of State: ‘Just Because You Turned 18 Doesn’t Give You the Right to Vote’

By Joe Clark / 11.02.2016 Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has a big problem with increasing the number of registered voters in his state. Slate reports that Merrill, like many Republicans, opposes recent reforms in voter registration policies that could significantly increase the number of registered voters. The proposal would automatically register eligible state residents[…]

Ectoplasm, Spirit Trumpets, and Paintings from Pompeii: 600 Years of Curious Objects

Luminous ‘Spirit’ Trumpet Why does one of the world’s great research libraries have ‘ectoplasm’, a spirit trumpet and beard hair posted to Charles Darwin among its eight million books, manuscripts and digital collections? 11.03.2016 The answers lie in the second major exhibition of Cambridge University Library’s 600th anniversary – Curious Objects – which puts on[…]

How the Skull is an Ally in Art

Chamber in Cappuccini Catacombs with Earth from Palestine, Rome, ca. 1900, Underwood and Underwood, Bert Underwood. Gelatin silver, 9 x 19 cm. GRI Digital Collections, 96.R.28. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program When the ultimate symbol of death serves as muse, it can force us to confront our own mortality. Co-published with[…]