Apocryphal Cicero: John Toland’s Cicero Illustratus and Notions of Authority in the Early Enlightenment

By Dr. Katherine A. East Professor of Classics Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Newscastle University International Journal of the Classical Tradition / 23:2 (June 2016), 108-126 Introduction Cover page of Cicero Illustratus / John Toland In 1712 John Toland, a man who had gained notoriety as the writer of radical and heterodox works, broke out of[…]

US Senators Urge Trump to Take Tough Line on Russia Over Ukraine

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin (shown) and Republican Senator Rob Portman are co-chairmen of the Senate Ukraine caucus. On Dec. 8, the group called on President-elect Donald Trump to take a tough line against Russia. Reuters / 12.08.2016 WASHINGTON —  A bipartisan group of 27 U.S. senators sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday[…]

Catching Lightning in a Fossil – and Calculating How Much Energy a Strike Contains

Very powerful, try to avoid. / Shutterstock By Dr. Matthew Pasek / 12.08.2016 Associate Professor of Geosciences University of South Florida For most of human history, people have been terrified by lightning. Frightening bolts from above, lightning was a tool of the gods to smite mortals for their hubris (or their unfortunate penchant for seeking[…]

This is How Blind People ‘See’ the World (VIDEO)

By Lizette Borreli / 12.09.2016 Blindness is used to describe a wide range of visual impairments, though people often assume the blind experience complete darkness. Blind people perceive the world by using other senses, and even master the technique of echolocation for sight. In Life Noggin’s latest video, “How Do The Blind Perceive The World?” host Pat Graziosi explains that we[…]

Should Democrats Become the Party of No?

By Dick Polman / 12.09.2016 Cagle Cartoons Columnist Barack Obama had just beaten John McCain by a margin of 10 million votes and 7.2 percentage points – the biggest Democratic win since 1964. Democrats also won both congressional chambers. And yet, despite this decisive pro-Democratic mandate to govern, congressional Republicans resolved, at a private dinner[…]