On Authoritarianism and Civilization

President-elect Donald Trump. (Image Credit: Associated Press) By Dr. Neil Roberts / 12.04.2016 Associate Professor of Africana Studies Faculty Affiliate Political Science Williams College In 1890 the young W.E.B. Du Bois delivered the Harvard University Commencement address “Jefferson Davis as a Representative of Civilization.” Du Bois focused on a central figure of nineteenth-century America as[…]

Jesus Christ, Businessman: From John Humphrey Noyes to Donald Trump

“I bless this business deal.” Secular Right By Dr. Ellen Wayland-Smith / 12.14.2016 Assistant Professor of Writing Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences University of Southern California A long tradition of Christian thought encourages believers to forgo worldly pursuits – like making money – and instead focus on the spiritual prize of salvation. “Lay[…]

An Old Style in the Modern World: Gothic Revival Architecture

The unifying style of Parliament Hill, Ottawa, is Gothic Revival Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 12.20.2016 Editor-in-Chief, Brewminate Roots Gothic Revival architecture adorns the Yale University campus The Gothic Revival movement emerged in 19th century England. Its roots were intertwined with deeply philosophical movements associated with a re-awakening of High Church or Anglo-Catholic belief[…]

Life in Medieval Western Europe

The medieval period in Europe was a time of ignorance, superstition and violence, but it was also one of great change with technological, commercial, social, and scientific progress when many of the foundations of the modern world were laid down. With all its contradictions, it is one of the most fascinating periods of world history.[…]

Tom Delay: God Has Given The Religious Right A ‘Clean Slate’ To Reshape America Via President Trump

By Kyle Mantyla / 12.19.2016 Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay sat down with the right-wing conspiracy theory website WorldNetDaily last week to promote his latest book, “Revival! Revolution! Rebirth!,” and praise God for having given the Religious Right a “clean slate” to reshape America via Donald Trump. “Now that Trump is elected, I’m very[…]

The Emergence, Growth, Decline, and Revival of Gothic Architecture

Brodie castle, north Scotland. Albert de Bruijn By Dr. Peter Lindfield / 10.30.2016 Postdoctoral Researcher, Literature and Languages Stirling University If you want foreboding old buildings that dark lords and werewolves are bound to frequent, look no further than Britain’s enviable Gothic architecture. From Strawberry Hill in London with its twisting corridors and glaring pinnacles,[…]

A Sacred Light in the Darkness: Winter Solstice Illuminations at Spanish Missions

The 2007 midwinter solstice illumination of the main altar tabernacle of Old Mission San Juan Bautista, California. Rubén G. Mendoza/Ancient Editions By Dr. Rubén G. Mendoza / 12.19.2016 Chair/Professor, Division of Social, Behavioral & Global Studies California State University, Monterey Bay On Wednesday, Dec. 21, nations in the Northern Hemisphere will mark the winter solstice[…]

How to Help Kids Learn to Love Giving

By Jason Marsh / 12.14.2016 Founding Editor-in-Chief, Greater Good During the holidays, opportunities abound to help kids understand why and how to help people in need, with food drives proliferating and countless organizations making pitches for end-of-year donations. And there’s scientific evidence that kids should be receptive to those messages: Research suggests that they have[…]