The Wisdom of Anger

By Melvin McCleod / 02.20.2017 Featured image by: Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche The Power of Saying No In its pure, awakened form, when it is not driven by ego, anger brings good to the world. Is anger an empowering and appropriate response to suffering and injustice, or does it only cause more conflict? Is it skillful[…]

The Curious Case of the Decapitated Frog

Frog skeleton sketch by Pflüger Lecture by Dr. Alexander Klein / 12.01.2016 Associate Professor of Philosophy California State University, Long Beach Lecture at Barnard’s Inn Hall, Gresham College Introduction “Ever heard of a pithed frog? … It’s a thing these here vivisectionists do. They takes a frog and they cuts out his brains and they[…]

The Polish Refugee Exodus to Iran, 1941-1942

A Polish woman decorates her tent, in an American Red Cross camp in Tehran, Iran, 1942 / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. David A. Wacks / 01.28.2011 Professor of Spanish Department of Romance Languages University of Oregon Why Were the Polish in Iran? It’s September 1939 – Germany and the Soviet Union have invaded Poland and[…]

Chinese Street Cleaner Has Donated $25,000 Over the Last 30 Years to Put 37 Disadvantaged Kids Through School

02.20.2017 Photos by Sina Weibo Zhao Yongjiu, a 56-year-old street cleaner from Shenyang, China, recently won the internet after it was revealed that over the last three decades he has helped fund the education of 37 impoverished children by donating most of his monthly salary. Every day, the kindhearted sanitation worker leaves his home in Shenyang, China’s[…]

America’s Imperial Ambitions in the Late-18th and Early-19th Centuries

“School Begins,” Puck, January 25, 1899.   By Ellen Adams and Dr. Amy Kohout / 08.01.2016 Adams: Curator, Alice T. Miner Museum, Chazy, New York Kohout: Assistant Professor of History, Colorado College The American Yawp Introduction The word “Empire” might conjure images of ancient Rome, the Persian Empire, or the British Empire—powers that depended variously[…]

Reconstruction in the Aftermath of the American Civil War

War brought destruction across the South. Governmental and private buildings, communication systems, the economy, and transportation infrastructure were all debilitated. “[Richmond, Va. Crippled locomotive, Richmond & Petersburg Railroad depot],” c. 1865. / Library of Congress. By Dr. Jonathan Holloway / 01.15.2010 Edmund S. Morgan Professor of African American Studies, History, and American Studies Yale University[…]

Prehistory: Bipedal Hominids to Making Pottery

17,000-year old cave paintings from the Lascaux caves in southwestern France. / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Eugene Berger / Fall 2016 Associate Professor of History Georgia Gwinnett College From: World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500 Chronology 8 – 6 million years ago Bi-pedal hominids in Africa 2.6 million years ago Homo habilis begin[…]