The Nightwalker and the Nocturnal Picaresque

Night (1736), the fourth painting from William Hogarth’s Four Times of the Day series — Wikimedia Commons The introduction of street lighting to 17th-century London saw an explosion of nocturnal activity in the capital, most of revolving around the selling of sex. Matthew Beaumont explores how some writers, with the intention of condemning these nefarious goings-on, took to the[…]

Lucian’s Trips to the Moon

Depiction of Lucian for the title page of Works of Lucian (1781) – Internet Archive With his Vera Historia, the 2nd century satirist Lucian of Samosata wrote the first detailed account of a trip to the moon in the Western tradition and, some argue, also one of the earliest science fiction narratives. Aaron Parrett explores how Lucian used this[…]

The Development of Media Genres from the Early Modern to Modern Worlds

Men working at a printing press, proofing copy, inking, and setting type. Wood engraving after a woodcut by Stradanus, c.1580. / Wellcome Library via Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Jürgen Wilke / 12.03.2010 Professor of Journalism and Communications Johannes Gutenberg University Introduction Media defined as technology for the mass distribution of messages to large audiences are a recent phenomenon[…]

Ancient Treasures on Top of Mediterranean Mountains

The summit of Mt Zagaras north of Athens. Jason König In ancient times, they were the shrines and ritual sites to the Greek gods. These days, they’re astonishingly unloved and neglected. By Dr. Jason König / 03.01.2016 Professor of Greek University of St. Andrews The mountains of the Mediterranean are permanent reminders of the past. The ancient Greeks climbed to their summits to offer sacrifices to the[…]