The Health of Children and Youth in Early Modern England

Scene from frontispiece to EPB/47966/A: Jane Sharp, The compleat midwife’s companion: or, the art of midwifry improv’d (London: J. Marsall [sic], 1724). Wellcome Images L0028111. / Wellcome Library By Dr. Linda Payne Inaugural Sirridge Missouri Endowed Professor in Medical Humanities and Bioethics University of Missouri-Kansas City Children and youth in early modern England (1500-1800) were[…]

How to Recreate a Viking Funeral – Minus the Human Sacrifice

Viking funerals remain shrouded in mystery. StockCube Why an intrepid trio went to the Isle of Eigg armed with Viking shields and poetry torecreate a funeral ceremony from 1000 years ago.      By (left-to-right) Carlos Galan-Diaz, Dr. Frances Wilkins, and Dr. Shane McCleod / 03.20.2015 Galan-Diaz: Research Impact Officer, University of Glasgow Wilkins: Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, University of Aberdeen McCleod: Impact Research Fellow, University of Stirling When most people[…]

Vikings Struck Deep into the West of England – and May Have Stuck Around

There’s something in the water. Shutterstock The reach of the Vikings in England went further than we thought. By Dr. Derek Gore / 04.18.2016 Teaching Fellow of Archaeology University of Exeter It’s well chronicled that wave after wave of Vikings from Scandinavia terrorised western Europe for 250 years from the end of the eighth century AD and wreaked particular havoc across vast areas of[…]

Quantifying the Wealth Accumulated by Alexander the Great

The detail of the Alexander Mosaic showing Alexander the Great / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Frank L. Holt / 04.16.2018 Professor of History University of Houston Socrates believed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Modern technology has morphed that philosophy into a data-driven movement called the Quantified Self. Fitbits and iPhones record our REM sleep, skin[…]

Adonis: A Legendary Love Story

Death of Adonis, by Luca Giordano, c.1685 / The Yorck Project via Wikimedia Commons By Elias N. Azar / 02.21.2016 Introduction A marble statue of Adonis. 17th century CE restoration of an ancient marble torso. (Louvre Museum, Paris) / Photo by Mary Harrsch, Flickr, Creative Commons The myth of Adonis, a tale as old as time, is a legendary[…]