Bernie Sanders

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.09.2016

Continuing his winning streak in the Western states, Senator Sanders has won the Wyoming caucus today.

He looks to have barely lost Laramie County where Clinton will take 26 delegates and he will come away with only one less at 25, but practically every other county in the state gave Sanders a healthy victory.

Sanders will win the state by by about eight points, currently 56.4% to 43.6%.  This margin will change a bit as the rest of the precincts report official results.

With 78% of precincts reporting and the votes in the remaining counties trending for Sanders, a Wyoming victory has been called by the AP for Senator Sanders.

Wyoming provides a total of 18 delegates, with 14 earned in caucus and 4 superdelegates who remain unpledged in theory until the Democratic National Convention when they officially cast their votes.  All four are currently “pledged” to Clinton.

Now it’s on to New York, where the two candidates will debate on April 14 prior to the primary five days later on April 19.