Beginners Guide to Starting a Brewery Business in 2021

Developing a cohesive team is one of the secrets to brewery efficiency. The traditional brewery has grown into a highly competitive commercial business, and craft breweries’ reputations continue to grow as they draw more customers and visitors every year. With the craft beer industry booming, the time is right to launch your venture. However, how should you[…]

When Women Dominated the Beer Industry until Witch Accusations Poured In

Much of the iconography we associate with witches, from the pointy hat to the cauldron, originated from women working as master brewers. Introduction What do witches have to do with your favorite beer? When I pose this question to students in my American literature and culture classes, I receive stunned silence or nervous laughs. The[…]

Craft Beer is Becoming the Wine of New England by Redefining ‘Terroir’

Pouring Saison, a classic Belgian farmhouse-style ale, at Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine. Allagash Brewing, CC BY    By Dr. Daina Cheyenne Harvey (left) and Dr. Ellis Jones (right) / 01.12.2018 Harvey: Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Jones: Assistant Professor of Sociology College of the Holy Cross The U.S. craft beer industry is exploding. Although two[…]

Beer is the Greenest Beverage

America’s craft breweries are incredibly sustainable. By Jeremy Deaton / 08.15.2017 Henry David Thoreau once said that a glass of beer would “naturalize a man at once — which would make him see green, and, if he slept, dream that he heard the wind sough among the pines.” That quote might as well be emblazoned on every[…]

The Science behind Brewing Beer

“New Belgium Beers on Tap” by Quan Ha via Flickr Creative Commons By Megan Ray Nichols / 08.23.2017 There are people who drink beer and then there are people who love beer. Beer lovers talk about their beer as much as they drink it. They discuss their favorite brands, perfect pouring methods, reissues of old[…]

Would You Pay $30,000 to Have a Beer Tailored to Your DNA?

A London-based brewery has recently launched a unique service that uses cutting edge genetic profiling to create “the world’s most personalised beer”, based on the client’s DNA profile. And it “only” costs £25,000 ($30,550). Ciaran Giblin, the brewmaster of Meantime Brewery, was the world’s first brewer to have a beer tailored to his own DNA, and was so[…]