Virtual Dating in 2021 – Why Is It a New Norm?

The first commercial dating service might have been launched as recently as the mid-1990s, but in the space of a few decades virtual matchmaking has become a global phenomenon. From those relatively inauspicious beginnings, there are now thousands of these resources, attractive regular web traffic from millions of members. So why has registering with a[…]

A Must-Know Guide to Purchasing Groceries Online For You

Many people are buying groceries, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, pet food, and other supplies online in the era of the Coronavirus. With so many people stuck at home, working from home, or attempting to self-quarantine, here’s how to get food and supplies as efficiently as possible. Delay and Early Purchase Many websites can guarantee same-day[…]

How to Use Online Dating Sites Safely

For singles keen to interact with potential partners, the possibilities offered by joining a dating site are immense. For previous generations, people could only engage in conversations with those individuals who happened to be sharing their location, be that a singles bar, nightclub, or some other social function. Nowadays, anyone with access to a WiFi[…]

The Impact of Online Dating on the Latino Community

Since going online to search for potential partners became a thing in the mid-1990s, the number of websites available to enthusiastic singles has exploded. There are generic dating services, while others focus on specific desires. If you happen to be seeking Latinos for a relationship, you can choose vast amount of platforms that are out[…]

The Nuances of Modern Relationships in the Online Environment

To say matchmaking websites have taken the dating world by storm would be an understatement. Since the first dating sites were launched in the mid-1990s, digital dating has become one of the most popular leisure activities of the modern age, a global market projected to be worth $3.6 billion by 2025. It might seem as[…]

Are We Becoming Slaves to Technology and Social Media?

Are human beings increasingly becoming slaves to technology and social media? Answering this question can be a tad challenging since there cannot be any one definitive answer to the same. Technology has enhanced our lives at many different levels. It has uplifted the quality of lives and made formerly difficult-to-access things more accessible to us.[…]

Business Leaders Discuss Digital Marketing in 2021

Who still needs convincing that digital marketing is the way of the future? Surprisingly, many companies are holding out and keeping their digital marketing budgets to a minimum, even with so much evidence to the contrary. It’s time to take a top-to-bottom look at why digital marketing is so important, and what businesses can do[…]

Top 4 Online Relationship Strategies to Try during the Pandemic

The 2020 Covid-19 has become a fact of life for everyone, advocating caution when we are shopping, exercising, traveling, or doing any of the activities we took for granted a year ago. One side effect of so many socializing outlets being forced to close for lengthy spells has been an upsurge in singles signing up[…]

3 Common Misconceptions Regarding SEO Services in Sydney

Sydney is one of Australia’s richest cities. According to reports, Sydney’s gross domestic product (GDP) was AUD400.9 billion, which translates to AUD80,000 per capita, making it the largest in Australia. Sydney has a highly-developed economy thanks to its business sector, including professional services that account for 9% of the country’s GDP. One of the most[…]

Top 5 Tips to Help Navigate the World of Matchmaking Platforms

If you’re single and seeking a love interest, the chances are 2020 will have been a tough year. The global pandemic has severely curtailed opportunities for socializing, closing bars and nightclubs. This has led to increasing numbers of individuals considering signing up to a dating site. If you’re new to online dating, here are five[…]

What to Do if Your Social Security Number is Stolen

Of all the data to which a hacker can gain access, your Social Security number is one of the most problematic. The havoc they can wreak upon your life with those nine digits in hand is limited only by the scope of the usurper’s imagination. Sadly, security breaches in which this information is being compromised[…]

Instagram Mastery: Grow Your Business To 10,000+ Followers

Research shows that Instagram is good for business. In fact, brands with over 100K followers have grown by more than 163% in the last two years alone. So, how can Instagram achieve this for your business? Well, it’s through a combination of direct sales, brand recognition and target audience engagement. But to achieve these results[…]

LOL in the Age of the Telegraph

Could these gentlemen be early pioneers of textspeak? Council Flat Holm Project/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY Long before ‘sup’ and ‘hwu’ there was ‘Hw r u ts mng?’ By Dr. Lauren Collister / 09.01.2015 Sociolinguist Director, Office of Scholarly Communication & Publishing University of Pittsburgh From “lol” to “brb,” the internet and text messaging gave rise to a unique[…]

Social Media as Masochism

Using social media can be a masochistic means of escaping the self By Rob Horning / 05.15.2016 When I read anthropologist Natasha Dow Schüll’s book on gambling, Addiction by Design, it started me thinking of how machine gambling works as an analogue for social media: Both facilitate an escapism through engagement, an immersion in immediate risk-taking routines that obscures[…]

The Challenge of Authenticating Real Humans in a Digital World

Is this the future of human identity? Luke James Ritchie/ By Dr. Jungwoo Ryoo / 11.08.2017 Professor of Information Sciences and Technology Pennsylvania State University Proving identity is a routine part of modern daily life. Many people must show a driver’s license to buy alcohol at a store, flash an ID card to security guards at work, enter[…]

The Insta-Dead: The Rhetoric of the Human Remains Trade on Instagram

Photos retrieved from a simple search of Instagram for “Human Skulls”, collected July 10, 2017    By Dr. Damien Huffer (left) and Dr. Shawn Graham (right) / 07.12.2017 Huffer: Postdoctoral Researcher, Stockholm University Graham: Associate Professor, Carleton University ‘The Insta-Dead: the rhetoric of the human remains trade on Instagram’ Issue 45 Abstract There is a[…]

The Ideology of Friendship in the Era of Facebook

The behavior of consistent liberals and consistent conservatives is the topic of a Pew study. (Photo: Oli Dunkley/Creative Commons) By Dr. Daniel Miller Professor of Anthropology University College of London 7:1 (2017) Abstract This article suggests that while anthropologists have developed a highly nuanced analysis of kinship and friendship under a more general comparative study[…]

Can You Be Hacked By the World Around You?

Could scanning a QR code be an invitation to malware? Zapp2Photo/ By Dr. Jeremy Straub / 10.11.2017 Assistant Professor of Computer Science North Dakota State University You’ve probably been told it’s dangerous to open unexpected attachment files in your email – just like you shouldn’t open suspicious packages in your mailbox. But have you been warned[…]

The ‘Internet of Things’ is Sending Us Back to the Middle Ages

Is this our relationship to tech companies now? Queen Mary Master By Joshua A.T. Fairfield, J.D. / 09.05.2017 Professor of Law Washington and Lee University Internet-enabled devices are so common, and so vulnerable, that hackers recently broke into a casino through its fish tank. The tank had internet-connected sensors measuring its temperature and cleanliness. The hackers got[…]

Far Beyond Crime-Ridden Depravity, Darknets are Key Strongholds of Freedom of Expression Online

By Dr. Roderick S. Graham / 01.25.2017 Associate Professor of Sociology Old Dominion University The internet is much more than just the publicly available, Google-able web services most online users frequent – and that’s good for free expression. Companies frequently create private networks to enable employees to use secure corporate servers, for example. And free[…]

From Founding Fathers to Internet Trolls

Defoe in the pillory. Pioneering 18th century British pamphleteer Daniel Defoe was persecuted for his anonymously published critique of a royal campaign. / James Charles Armytage engraving via Wikimedia By Dr. Susan Park, J.D. / 06.07.2015 Associate Professor of Business and Marketing Boise State University “Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority,”[…]

Teleporting Toward a Quantum Internet

This image shows crystals used for storing entangled photons, which behave as though they are part of the same whole. Scientists use crystals like these in quantum teleportation experiments. / Credits: Félix Bussières/University of Geneva Quantum physics is a field that appears to give scientists superpowers. Those who understand the world of extremely small or[…]

Now Arriving: Internet of Things

A keynote talk is given by Brenna Berman, Chicago Department of Innovation and Technology CIO during “Engineering and Entrepreneurship: The Internet of Things,” in which everyday objects possess network connectivity that allows them to send and receive data, radically transforming the way we live and work. / Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer HUBweek session examines the[…]

Yahoo Spied on Email Customers at Government’s Order

Snowden and others react to new allegations that Yahoo scanned all of its customers incoming emails last year on behalf of the government. (Image: Esther Vargas/flickr/cc) Rights groups said the news proves “the failure of U.S. government reforms to curb NSA’s tendency to try and indiscriminately vacuum up the world’s data.” By Lauren McCauley /[…]