Hillary Trolls Try #ThingsBernieHates on Twitter – Backfires, AGAIN



By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.25.2016

Will they never learn?

Hillary supporters once again made the mistake of trying a new hashtag – #ThingsBernieHates – to jab at him about various matters.

As with so many others, it has massively backfired on them as Sanders supporters have piled onto it and taken it as their own.

It’s like these people simply do not seem to grasp the concept that they are playing around on turf that belongs to Bernie’s largest group of supporters – Millennials!

That doesn’t seem to stop them from trying.  Perhaps they’re convinced that if they “get the hang of this social media thing” they can woo these young people to Hillary.

Secretary Clinton, please, for your own good, tell your people to just leave social media alone.

You’re playing in the wrong back yard.