Oriental Sages About the Relationship Between a Man and a Woman

Eastern philosophy is distinguished by its deep meaning and the special attitude to things and phenomena. The cornerstone of all the philosophical schools of the East is the idea that everything is energy. At the same time, the world is polar — there are yin and yang. Also, there are both positive and negative energies in the world. The human task is to transform negative energy into positive one.

In this sense, the perfect mastery of senior dating and relationships is to make the positive better, while the negative should be accepted and transformed into the positive. One of the most amazing discoveries of this philosophy is the understanding of the meaning of the word Tao. The main shock is that the verbal convey of the deep meaning of Tao turned out to be practically impossible! That is why all ancient Taoist schools inherit the tradition of oral transmission of knowledge from teacher to student.

1. The First Secret of Tao: The State of Balance Between Yin and Yang

A perfect balance in a state of complete and lasting peace in earthly life is impossible because there is always movement that is a result of various influences. In a man-woman relationship, we are also looking for a comfortable proportion of an active and calm principle. One should not forget that it is more natural for a woman to be a calm principle concerning an active masculine principle and to guard the sacredness of the subtle unrevealed world along with the value of the external realization of a man.

A man and a woman strive for such a union, when yin and yang become equal in volume, then the state of Tao arises — everything and nothing, emptiness and fullness, the smallest and greatest at the same time.

2. The Second Secret of Tao: Yin and Yang Are Black and White, But Not Good and Bad

There is no absolute good and evil, everything becomes good or evil only concerning another evil or good. Absolute goodness could not be recognized as good if there was no evil. In human relationships, negative and positive are yin and yang that exist only because there are these polarities themselves.

The perfect mastery of love is not to run away from negative emotions, to be able to find exact verbal formulations for your feelings freely and frankly, but in an extremely correct form. No one is obliged to guess about what is happening in your mind, you need to learn to speak it out directly and openly, but without offending the interlocutor.

3. The Third Secret of Tao: Information About What Was, Is, and Will Be Is Stored in the Sources of Space

Concerning the relationship between men and women, information about love does not disappear. And the connection between a man and a woman who were intimate remains as long as at least one of the former partners is conscious and does not suffer from memory loss.

If you remember these amazing properties of the perfect combination of yin and yang, you can follow the path of love with joy and not prematurely destroy what can be so beautiful in the process of creation!



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