California Feels the Bern – New HQ



Think he’s going anywhere?

Think again!

Kick it Bernie…

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.21.2016
Brewminate Editor-in-Chief

Pundits far and wide have been calling for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race as they feverishly try to complete their coronation of Hillary Clinton.

Well, now they have their answer.

According to Julia Wick at, “They’ve long been feeling the Bern, but as of Wednesday, Bernie Sanders’ legion of L.A. supporters will now have to a place to call HQ. The presidential candidate opened his first California campaign office in Hollywood Wednesday.”

The California primary will be held on June 7, and the opening of this office in Hollywood says very loudly, “I’m staying put.”

Volunteers and campaign staff were eager for the office to open and get to work, as Wick reports that “close to 300 people filtered through the office, and placards, bumper stickers and lawn signs were going so quickly that volunteers began limiting the goodies to two items per person.”

Sorry, Sec. Clinton, but don’t get too excited about your win in New York.  Berners in California have something to say about that.